Sunday, January 15, 2012

FREE Bag Topper for President's Day!

I thought I would share a fun freebie with you all on this fabulous Sunday!  I plan on creating treat bags for my students for President's Day that are filled with star-shaped patriotic Marshmallow Peeps!   I created this cute bag topper and wanted to share it with you!  Just click on the picture for your freebie!
Hope you love it!


  1. Really cute idea! Where do you find star shaped marshmallows??? :)

  2. Thank you Ruth and Brian! I create bag toppers for everything under the sun :) Ruth...I purchased mine through Amazon. You can also do a Google search. Since they are rare it will cost you to get these specific ones, but you can also make your own or use regular peeps and stick flag toothpicks in them :)